90 Day Walk to Freedom from Fibroids Group Coaching Program
What is the 90 Day Walk to Freedom from Fibroids Group Coaching Program
  •  This program is designed to coach you to freedom from fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis, heavy menstrual cycles, anemia, inflamation, ovarian cysts, and infertility naturally using food as medicine.
In this program you will get access to:
  • 12 weekly live video coaching & teaching sessions with a Q&A session. (Sessions will be recorded).
  •  I will walk you through a detox (cleanse) safely and effectively to jumpstart your healing journey.
  •  I will provide you with inspiration to motivate you into action.
  •  We will do inner work on healing the physical, emotional and spiritual.
  •  You will get recipes, supplement and product recommendations, sample shopping lists, menu schedule, resource guide, and more.
  •  You will learn what to eat and how to eat to heal your body naturally.
  •  You will get access to a private Facebook group for support and community to help you on your healing journey.
  •  And much, much more.
By the end of this program, you will:
  • Learn everything you need to know to heal naturally.
  •  Get motivated into action on your journey to health.
  •  Have access to ongoing support for your healing journey.
Who is this Program for?
  • Women who want to heal their bodies naturally and are looking for an alternative to surgery.
  •  Anyone who wants to support women on their journey to healing naturally.
  •  Women who need additional hands-on coaching, support, and guidance in walking through their journey to healing naturally.
Who this Program is not for?
  • This program is not for someone looking for a quick fix or an easy way out!

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The next start date is February 18, 2018
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